A Native’s Perspective



Downtown SWS Pic


This is an incredible event that is perfectly geared to the growth and development stages in which Spartanburg currently stands. I want to personally thank everyone involved in bringing such a wonderful, positive, forward moving event to this community.

I was born, raised and educated here in this wonderful city and I am proud to call myself a local. I sincerely love Spartanburg and have a passion to see it grow and continue to prosper. Our city is rich in history and education. We are the home of 8 different colleges and the host of numerous successful businesses. That alone is reason enough to promote this type of growth.

This community is ripe for cultivation and is gradually becoming a force of entrepreneurial spirit for this region. I strongly believe that this growth is bound to happen and will change the face of this city. I strongly encourage anyone with even an inkling of entrepreneurial spirit in them to participate. This is the event to turn dreams into a reality.

This beautiful place we call home has the potential to live up to one of its names as the “Sparkle City”. 


Jordan M. Clayton